Your e-card is always up to date with selected personal information

Helps you to find and insert long links (URLs) to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and other social media. You can keep it up to date for your contacts all the time.


Your contacts do not have to key in data about you

Your contact can download your address information to his/her address book.


Selected personal data can be transferred from printed matters like your business card

QR-code can be used to access the card from prints and can be downloaded directly to your contact’s address book. Use it on business cards, letters, CVs, presentations etc.


Use the QR-code on your phone and you do not have to enter the recipient’s phone number.

In a meeting, you do not have the time and mind to register the participants phone numbers. The QR-code is scanned in seconds and the recipients can download your address. QR-code can be used to transfer the card from your smart phone to your contacts smart phone. This is an alternative to SMS that costs money AND you have to key in the recipient’s phone number.


Enough room for all the social media links you have. Help to find the links.

There is not room for the links to social media on your paper business card. Space on the electronic card is unlimited. The program will search up the your Facebook, LinkedIN or Goggle+ accounts and fill them in. The address to the electronic card itself is long, but safe. Example:
You can decide weather to keep it private or make it searchable by Google and other search engines.


Logo and photo on your e-mail signature + link to your updated e-card. propose friendly e-mail signature with links and selected personal information. The link to download the updated card transfers all the information.